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My Story

My name is Dollie Siles, my inspiration to a LifeLine:

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As I worked for over 30 years at various studios, my life was hectic. My mother assited me in raising my daughter when I moved to Los Angeles.


She had over 30 surgeries, including spinal rectification with hardware support (as my brother calls them, “robo rods”) in her spine.


After leaving the film industry, I focused in learning the ways and means of taking care of my mother, who is now 83. This included all the pains and tribulations you go through to make sure that she is well taken care of.

As I watch her age, I understood that many working class Americans or the “sandwhich” generation, needed help, undoubtedly because love plays the single and most important factor in life with their loved ones.

So I decided to form Lifeline, to use my experience, and further my knowledge with various courses and certifications that I needed to offer the best possible service, keeping in mind that love is the key to.         patience, comprehension, understanding as our loved ones age, it’s our turn to take care of them.

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