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Why LifeLine?


Close call for Dear Old Dad:

On Feb 6 your 87 yr old Dad is diagnosed with an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. Life threatening condition to be monitored closely.


Mar 3 followup scan shows the bulge growing rapidly. Mar 10 Doc calls for immediate surgery. First available date is end of May.




That's not acceptable.

If the aneurysm bursts, Dad is toast.


This family called LifeLine.


We cut thru the red tape with the Insurance, Doctor, and Hospital. We pushed until Dad's surgery was prioritized. As your Health Care Advocate we navigate the bureaucracy of the Medical System on your behalf.


Original surgery was scheduled May 30. LifeLine rescheduled for April 7. Dad made the operating table in time. The Aneurysm was repaired.


LifeLine gets things done.

Sweating To Keep Your Work And Helping Mom


Does this sound familiar?


You are at your desk ready to fly out the door scoop up your mom and take her to see the Doctor. Your boss stops by and asks if you have a minute. "No I don't," you say to yourself glancing anxiously at the clock. But it's your boss so you respond with a smile, "of course."


The instant your boss leaves you race to your car. The receptionist informs you the Dr. is running behind. Not today! you think to yourself. You're cutting it close getting back to the office for an important meeting with the marketing team. Your heart starts to pound your brow beads with sweat.


How long can you expect your boss to be flexible with you arriving late and leaving early to take care of your elderly Mother? Help is just a phone call away.


Reach out and grab a LifeLine

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